5 Tips For A Better Night’s Sleep With Your New Mouthguard

Adjusting to a new mouth guard isn’t easy. Some people give up all the benefits of mouthguards because they are large, uncomfortable and cause excess saliva to drip down your face during sleep. What’s even worse is the damage bruxism can do if you aren’t adequately protecting your teeth at night. The experts at Dental Duty have solutions for you! Our custom mouthguards protect your teeth, provide comfort all night long, and can be molded over and over. Here are five tips for a better night’s sleep with your new mouthguard.

Customizable Fit

A custom mouthguard, one that is molded to your teeth, will protect your jaw joints and muscles. With a custom fit, your molars will be unable to engage, and your jaw muscles won’t be able to flex.

Thin Material

Instead of purchasing an enormous and bulky mouthguard, try starting out with a thin material. Your best option is to find a mouthguard similar to that of Invisalign. It will be more comfortable and easier to get used to wearing.

Start Wearing Right Before Bed

You shouldn’t wait until closing your eyes for the night to just start wearing your mouthguard. Initially, the mouthguard might start out uncomfortable, so using it only when needed will decrease discomfort. Most people fall asleep within five minutes anyways.

Wear Only An Upper or Lower Tray to Find Comfort

Sometimes it’s just too much to two thick trays in your mouth. Using one mouthguard tray is definitely better than using none. Whether you are molding your own trays at home or getting help from the dentist, many times a perfect upper or lower tray will prove acceptance to your night guard.

Break It In

Wear your new mouth guard occasionally throughout the day. This is the best option to get used to its feeling and create comfort at night time. Don’t give up; it could take up to a month to get accustomed. Following these steps will save you time and money in the long run. At Dental Duty, we have comfortable, affordable and remoldable mouthguards. Our product comes with a reclosable anti-bacterial case and four guards of two different sizes. Please visit our website to learn more about all the benefits of Dental Duty’s mouthguards at

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  • I have used mine now for 3 nights and it has not bothered me. I got a really good fit on molding the mouth piece. Thank you.

    John S Freeman

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