Three Reasons Why You May Want to Consider Using a Mouth Guard

February 13, 2017 2 min read

If you clench your jaw while you’re sleeping, grind your teeth, or have temporomandibular joint (TMJ) syndrome, it's likely you know how painful the side effects of these things can be. While eating softer foods, minimizing excessive jaw movements during the day, and treating pain with ice or heat packs can help, a nighttime mouth guard can also help to provide you with relief. In fact, here are just a few of the many reasons why you may want to consider purchasing one of Dental Duty’s mouth guards to use at night:

Stop Tooth Damage

There’s no denying that your habit of unconsciously clenching and grinding your jaw can cause damage to fillings, chipped or broken teeth, and simply just wear your teeth down. If you use our mouth guards, you'll have a great way of preventing costly tooth damage from occurring.  Inevitably, our custom fit mouth guards will not only keep your teeth safe but your smile perfect!

Alleviate Headaches and Facial Pain

If you’ve been diagnosed with TMJ, it’s likely you may suffer from morning headaches, neck pain, earaches, muscle fatigue, and/or sensitive teeth. A mouth guard will offer you relief, and you will notice a big difference when it comes to the pains and aches caused by TMJ. When it all comes down to it, a mouth guard will prevent your lower and upper teeth from touching one another, and will thus lessen the effects of your nighttime clenching and grinding.

The Quality of Your Sleep Will Improve

Because of how comfortable and effective our mouth guards are, you may also notice that you’re sleeping better. Furthermore, because our mouth guards will aid in keeping your muscles relaxed, you will have less of the stress-filled sleep that often comes a TMJ disorder.

In addition to what is mentioned above, there are many other reasons why should consider using a mouth guard!

If you’re looking for some mouth guards online that will help keep your teeth in great condition, you should look no further than what we offer here at Dental Duty. Plus, not only do our products work great, but they are also affordable and will be delivered to your home fast.

To learn more about our mouth guards or place an order, please browse our site.

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