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Do you suffer from an aching jaw or headache every time you wake up in the morning? Have you been searching for a custom dental mouth guard for teeth grinding that offers relief without breaking the bank?

If you experience pain in your mouth, head or neck due to grinding your teeth at night, look no further than what we offer here at Dental Duty. A moldable night guard can offer you relief in just a few nights.

Night Mouth Guard for Teeth Pain

The Best Night Mouth Guard for Teeth Pain

Why do people typically wear mouth guards at night?

Most of the time, people wear mouth guards at night because they clench their jaws or experience teeth grinding issues. The act of clenching and grinding your teeth is what medical professionals call “bruxism.” People who suffer from bruxism at night are typically those who are under a lot of stress, although there are many other reasons why you might experience the symptoms of this disorder.

See Your Dentist to Discuss Your Teeth Grinding Issues — But Know That Other Options Are Available

If you’ve recently discussed with your dentist that you suffer from nighttime teeth grinding, he or she may have recommended that you obtain a custom night guard through one of their suppliers to ease the pain you’re experiencing. However, the mouth guard your dentist recommends will likely cost you hundreds of dollars to obtain. Furthermore, you will have to wait weeks for it to arrive and schedule another appointment with your dentist to make sure it fits. If it doesn’t fit, you’ll have to wait even longer to find pain relief.

Why choose our custom night guards?

buy online night mouth guard for teeth painInstead of having to go to your dentist to obtain an expensive mouth guard, order an affordable one right here on our website. As of today, we are the only company in the United States that gives people like you the opportunity to purchase four moldable mouth guards available in two sizes. Our mouth guards are perfect for any budget, BPA free and made of FDA-approved materials. Furthermore, not only are they efficient at preventing nighttime teeth grinding, but they may also be worn by those who have an active lifestyle and want to keep their pearly whites protected. Lastly, when you order our mouth guards, you will receive a complimentary travel case, instructional manual and DVD to make sure our mouth guards work the way you need them to.

How does wearing a mouth guard feel?

If you’re worried that you won’t sleep at night because of a mouth guard, you shouldn’t be. Most mouth guards (like the ones we offer) will feel comfortable in your mouth, and most of our customers don’t even notice that they’re wearing one.

To learn more about why you should purchase a mouth guard to help with TMJ pain or any of the other products we have available, please browse our site or give us a call at your earliest convenience.