TMJ Relief

Purchase Mouth Guard to Help TMJ Pain

Temporomandibular joint dysfunction (TMJ) is at best a major inconvenience, with clicking and popping occurring anytime the jaw is opened. In severe cases, the problem can persist until talking and chewing become a painful hardship.

Affecting more than three million people per year, TMJ is very common. The causes for TMJ dysfunction are numerous; among the most common reasons for the pain are neck and head injuries such as whiplash, bruxism and genetic factors.

Symptoms of TMJ include:

  • Pain and tenderness in the jaw, particularly in the muscles around the hinge. Pain is aggravated by yawning, clenching or chewing. In most cases, pain will be more severe on one side.
  • Limited range of motion in the jaw. This can inhibit the ability to eat or even talk, and can affect one side more than the other or “lock” the jaw.
  • Noises emit from the jaw during movement. These sounds are typically referred to as clicks or pops.
  • Intermittent headaches in the back of the head or forehead. Sometimes these aches manifest as facial pain or migraines.
  • Tooth or neck pain.
  • And other, less reported symptoms.

Needless to say, hundreds of thousands seek TMJ dysfunction relief each year. For those with acute or chronic TMJ, a home treatment option like purchasing a dental night guard online can serve as a much more affordable alternative to expensive surgery or dental work.

The Dental Duty mouth guard helps with TMJ pain by keeping the jaw in place during sleep. By stopping grinding, clenching or other major jaw movement overnight, mastication muscles have a chance to heal and align, reducing the symptoms of TMJ dysfunction and providing pain relief.

Mouth Guards for TMJ Home Treatment

buying splint for tmj Evaluated by medical professionals, the Dental Duty mouth guard is considered among the most effective home treatments available to TMJ pain sufferers. The custom bruxism night guard comes in two separate sizes to allow for a better fit, regardless of who is wearing it. The process for fitting the guard is simple as well, involving placing the appropriately sized guards in boiling water for several seconds and then placing them in the mouth of the wearer to take the correct shape. The guards are BPA-free and completely remoldable, allowing them to be refitted as many times as needed.

The quality and effectiveness of Dental Duty oral splints have been attested to by hundreds of happy customers as a way to treat their teeth grinding or TMJ pain and symptoms. The Dental Duty custom night guard is considerably more affordable than oral surgery, occlusal adjustments or other expensive treatments. TMJ sufferers across the world have rejoiced at the relief they’ve felt after purchasing our mouth guard to help TMJ pain.

With the Dental Duty custom oral splint, TMJ pain doesn’t have to get worse and relief can be only a few restful nights of sleep away.

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