Fitting Instructions Each Dental Duty mouth guard is easily trimmed to fit any mouth size. Can be adapted to fit a wide variety of teeth alignments, tooth sizes & mouth shapes for optimal comfort. Our Mouthguard is the only one on the market that provides users with 4 mouth guarest; 2 different sizes of supreme quality, designed and also BPA FREE.

A Happy Customer A toothbrush is designed to clean only visible tooth surfaces in your mouth. Dental Duty tools effectively help you pinpoint sports you miss in your daily brushing and flossing. With additional premium mouth mirror, you can use indirect vision to locate every tight inch in your mouth.

A Happy Customer Dental Duty anti-bacterial cleaning tablets is The Most Effective and Safest Solution on the market today to remoive stains, bad breath, plaque & tartar when cleaning Invisalign Mouth Guard, Dentures, Retainer, wire appliances, removable bridge, night guard and other orthodontic appliances such as Aligners.

Dental duty activated charcoal toothbrite is a great alternative for natural treatment used to remove toxins and chemicals that are present on the surface of your teeth. Teeth whitening charcoal is 100% natural & organic, 100% vegan with ingredients that aren't mixed with harmful chemicals, artificial colors and flavors. It helps to remove stains from coffee, wine, and cigarettes, activated charcoal powder can also help with bad breath and help maintain good oral health.