Dental Cheek Retractor – Pack of 24

Product Description

Comfortable To Wear

When you’re playing the “Speak Out Game” you don’t want to be in pain. This pack of 24 dental mouth openers are made with professional grade materials that are comfortable to wear, making game time far more enjoyable. While firm enough to hold your lips and mouth wide open, the plastic material is smooth enough to not cause you any discomfort. Fits most mouths for individuals over the age of 13.

Safe And Clean

Easily use these Dental Duty cheek retractors over and over again after cleansing them. Made with Safe, durable material, this intraoral dental mouth opener can be cleaned repeatedly, even in an autoclave for sterilization as well as cleansing.

24 Pieces

Now you can take the Mouth Guard Challenge or play the “Speak Out Game” with all of your friends when you receive this bulk package of 24 dental mouth openers at a highly competitive price. For extra sanitary precautions, each of your friends can keep their own cheek retractor and cleanse it as they see fit. You’ll still have plenty left over for any new friends you meet. Ideal Size for kids and adults.

For Multi-Use

These intraoral dental mouth openers can be used for Oral Inspections to even help when cleaning your teeth. They perform excellently as an assistant to your teeth whitening strategy.

So whether for fun, for Oral Use, or for both, these are the “mouth openers” you Need!

This Dental Duty Combo Set is sold with a one-year unconditional money-back guarantee. If you're unsatisfied with this item for any reason, we'll immediately refund your purchase price.