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Whether you’re in the market for a mouthguard or teeth whitening treatments, choose the products that dentists trust.



Dental Duty’s oral care solutions use only high-grade materials that are safe for all dental patients.



Don’t spend an arm and a leg on the health of your teeth. Dental Duty’s products are effective and affordable.



Take your oral care routine beyond brushing and flossing. Dental Duty helps you maintain excellent dental hygiene in between dentist appointments


Stays in your mouth

Works great for the price. I really didn't want to spend $600 on the one from the dentist. This is a great alternative. Since I have started using it my jaw has been hurting a lot less from the teeth grinding caused by my meds.

Stays in your mouth

I love the Professional Dental Guards from Dental Duty. They come in a pack of 4 of two different sizes—2 small and 2 large. The DVD demo video included helped me tremendously to mould them properly. These instructions were very easy to follow. I use two of them (top and bottom) to whiten my teeth. I really like the fact that they are BPA free. The Anti-Bacterial Case that they come with is a plus!

Works great!

Works great for the price. I really didn't want to spend $600 on the one from the dentist. This is a great alternative. Since I have started using it my jaw has been hurting a lot less from the teeth grinding caused by my meds.


Purchase Mouth Guard Online

Are you looking to buy a custom night guard online?
Take better care of your teeth with a fitted night guard from Dental Duty. We know that for many people, taking the time to have a dentist make an impression of their teeth, just to wait weeks for their night guard to be delivered, is not something they have the time to do, or even want to do. Our mouth guards allow you to avoid the high costs of having to turn to your dentist, all while you reap the benefits of a professional-grade, custom-fitted mouth guard.

Molding Mouth Guard Kit

A mouth guard fits over the teeth to prevent teeth grinding at night. Our mouth guards are affordable and adapted to fit your teeth perfectly, protecting them from any wear and tear from grinding while you sleep. When you purchase our premium mouth guards, you will receive four mouth guards in two different sizes.

While a professional, quality mouth guard from a dentist is costly, we provide quality mouth guards at remarkably low prices. Our quality mouth guards, affordable price points and friendly customer service combined have helped us to acquire a large customer base throughout the United States and the United Kingdom. Let us help you select a clear, comfortable and affordable mouth guard so you can keep smiling for years to come. Don’t forget that we here at Dental Duty provide specially designed molds in two different sizes. These clear mouth guards are adaptable and perfect for diverse mouth shapes and sizes.

Explore Other Products from Dental Duty

Retainer Cleaning Tablets: Keep your retainer clean, safe and odor-free with our retainer cleaning tablets. We offer a four-month supply of dissolvable tablets formulated from powerful cleaning agents that remove food debris, eliminate stains, fight tartar, reduce plaque and protect your gums. Our retainer cleaning tablets are designed to work not only with retainers but also with mouth guards and TMJ appliances.

Teeth Whitening Charcoal Power: Daily habits like smoking tobacco, drinking coffee or skipping on your oral care routine can all contribute to yellow, dull teeth that hinder your confidence. Don’t hide your smile any longer: Our all-natural teeth whitening charcoal powder can restore your pearly-whites to their original beauty, without the need for strips, gels or kits.

Dental Hygiene Tool Kit: Brushing and flossing are just the basics. For a thorough at-home clean, purchase one of our dental hygiene tool kits. Each contains the same professional-grade tools that your dentist uses in a routine check-up and cleaning – now, you can bring a professional clean to your home for a fraction of the cost.

Cheek Retractors: Supplement your at-home oral care routine with our hygienic cheek retractors. Use them for at-home cleaning, oral inspections and teeth-whitening. Durable and easy to clean, this pack of 24 is the long-lasting solution you need.


Our products are comfortable, made of safe materials and inexpensive. We are constantly improving the quality and design of our mouth guards and other dental products to provide the best options on the market. Have questions? Get in touch with us today by calling 754-666-1310.